and awards

  • grants

  • eurostars™

    An MRI-based technology for early assessment of antidepressant efficacy in depression (2019).
    Radiomic brain features & antidepressant treatment response, in collboration with NordicNeuroLab (Norway) and Vuno (South_korea). 
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  • AMC/VUmc

    Neuroimaging Infrastructure (2019)
    Innovation grant to set up a Neuroimaging Infrastrcture at AMC/VUmc
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  • Stichting Suffugium

    ePOD 2.0 (2017) in collaboration with Triversum
    Mid-term effects of methylphendiate on the developing brain (ePOD 2.0) with M. Bottelier 
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  • Hartstichting

    Innovation grant (2017)
    with Hanno Tan, cardiologist
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  • Amsterdam Neuroscience

    VUmc-AMC Alliance grant (2016, 2017)
    Functional magnetic resonance spectroscopy in impulsive-compulsive spectrum disorders and The multimodal brain (MuMoBrain): exploring the cognitive correlates of
    connectomics across modalities
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  • abc

    abc grant (2015) in collabration with SILS

    Research on role of physical exercise on cognition and neurogenesis as assessed using 1H-MRS
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  • NWO

    TOP Grant (2012) in collaboration with Donders Institute Nijmegen

    Research on the role of the serotonin transporter gene variation and sensitivity to conditioned cues cocaine dependence.
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  • PrioMedChild coordination


    Validating non invasive imaging of the serotonergic- and dopaminergic system and adult neurogenesis wit MRI.
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  • KWF Kanker bestrijding

    in collaboration with NKI/AvL (2010,2013)

    Research on Structural, biochemical and functional indices of chemotherapy-induced cognitive deficits in cancer patients.
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  • Fonds Nuts Ohra,

    in collaboration with Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (2011)

    Research on ‘Cognition as a predictor for treatment effects in children suffering from ADHD/depression’.
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  • AMC

    Academic Medical Center (2008-2012)

    Research on the short-term effects of psychotropic drugs (methylphendiate and fluoxetine) on the developing brain (ePOD project), as well as chemotherapy.
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  • prizes/scholarships

  • Moleman Penning

    Nomination for Peter Moleman Award (2018).

    Biannual award for the best Dutch publication in the field of psychopharmacology.
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  • AMC

    2nd prize best AMC PhD thesis awarded to A. Schrantee

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    International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (2008- 2017)

    Lecture and posters awards in the category ‘Drug Research’ and Psychiatry.
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  • AMC

    AMC Felowship (2007)

    Long term effects of (prescribed) psychotropic drugs on the developing
    brain and behavior
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  • NWO

    Veni Grant (2007)

    SSRIs and the developing brain
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  • ESR

    European School of Radiology (2007)

    Exchange programme in Neuroradiology Fellowship on neonatal brain imaging with Prof. M. Rutherford, Department of Paediatrics and Neonatal Medicine, Imperial College School of Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK
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  • Hersenstichting Nederland

    Trofee voor de Wetenschap (2002)

    For research on neurotoxicity of MDMA (ecstasy).
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  • Marie Curie Award

    from the European Society of Nuclear Medicine (2000)

    For research on  ‘Partial reversibility and gender differences in the toxic effects of MDMA (“Ecstasy”) on brain serotonin neurons’.
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  • NIDA

    National Institute of Drug Abuse (2000)

    Junior Investigator Travel Award from College on Problems on Drug Dependence (CPDD)
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  • Fulbright

    AIO/OIO Grant (2000)

    For research as postdoctoral research fellow with Prof. G.A. Ricaurte, Department of Neurology, Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions,Baltimore, USA
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  • EAP

    University of California Education Abroad Program (1994)

    Scholarship for masters program at University of California: Graduate Student in Biological Sciences, University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB).
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